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Monday, December 05, 2005

Belarusians abroad

I flew to Hawaii on Thanksgiving weekend and stayed in a hotel with perhaps a thousand of football fans from Wisconsin, who came to see their "Badgers" team playing Hawaiian Warriors. A sea of white-red-white surrounded me. I was basking in a joyous white-red-white celebration of comaradery. White-red-white lei (flower garlands), matching white-red-white printed hawaian shirts. I was hanging out in the pool surrounded by all those sons and daughters of Belarusian peasants, who emigrated to Wisconsin in early XX century and dreaming that one day my fellow countrymen will be as cheerful and full of solidarity as those Wisconsin fans. Wisconsin was a favorite state for Belarusians peasants to immigrate in early XXc. Is it because of its green pastures and cows? Anyways, Go Badgers!

Here are some pics from Waikiki.

Check out white-red-white lei!

And what can I say but "Go Badgers!"

Everything seems to be white-red-white on such day :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

16th of the month - Day of Solidarity in Belarus

November 16: tonight thousands of Belarusians will turn off lights at 8PM in their houses and display a lit candle in the windows as a sign of solidarity with families of disappeared political figures in Belarus and protest of Lukashenka regime cover-up of the kidnappings and murders. This Day of Solidarity will be held every 16th day of each month until the full investigation of circumstances surrounding political kidnappings and prosecution of their executors will be accomplished.